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Gutter Guard Installation

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Gutter Guard Installation

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Investing In Gutter Guards

About Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are one of the smartest investments you will ever make. Our gutter guards prevent wood rot, mold, flooding, and clogged downspouts. Getting Gutter guards installed and maintained properly on your home is a sure way to save you tens of thousand of dollars in cleaning and repairs. This page offers some information on how gutter guards protect against damage, what to look for in a system, and finally, the long term benefits and savings of a system.

The Cost of Gutter Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a standard gutter system without guards averages about $400 every year. The cost of neglecting gutter maintenance runs even higher. Without proper care and timely maintenance, backed up gutters can result in home flooding, mold, mildew, and rotted wood. The cost of rotted wood repair on just a 50 linear foot of damaged boards can cost between $2500 to $3000. While the installation of gutter guards does not completely eliminate the costs to maintain your system, they can substantially reduce your costs and can pay for themselves in less than five years.

Our Process

Before installing your gutter guard system, we clean your gutters and install stainless steel gutter brackets throughout your current gutter system four foot apart to add extra stability and assure your gutter guards sit at our desired angle.

After the brackets have been put in place, we then install our guards directly over your gutter. After they are overlapped and sitting perfectly, we use stainless steel gutter guard screws to keep your new guards permanently fixed in your gutters.

We use Flexpoint Gutter Guards which is manufactured with the best quality aluminum; will never rust or distort, guaranteed.

This system is mounted onto your gutters, not up under your roof so you can rest easy knowing it does not void your roof warranty. Unlike other gutter guards, Flexpoint can handle any roof pitch without letting water pour over. The points on the system are designed to keep any debris from laying flat on the guards allow the maximum amount of flo.

After your gutter guards have been installed, we stand by our product with a 30 year workmanship warranty. Additionally, we offer a No Clog Guarantee program- our customers receive a twenty year locked in rate for ongoing gutter maintenance at approximately $70 per year.

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